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Dental Implants - Eligible patients

Dental Implants - Eligible patients

The selection of suitable patients (patient selection) was an important aspect, because little is known about the effects of implantation in the jaw bone did. Today implantologists can in the hands of experienced almost every patient treated with implants successfully. The focus of the complications, all factors that infection favor.

So you used to believe that diabetics should not be treated because the risk of infection is greater in these patients. Meanwhile, it has been shown that a properly adjusted diabetes mellitus not only generally medically important, but just the possibility of ignition propensity in the teeth to an acceptable, manageable level also reduced. Diabetics should therefore not only be optimally adjusted, but more often to control implant go.

In patients undergoing chemotherapy to undergo, which is not only immune restriction, but also the regeneration of tissue during the healing period after implantation. Therefore, patients should at this termination of chemotherapy and waited until several months after implantation.

Bedridden patients may optionally be treated with implants by being admitted to the hospital.

For several years (since about 1999/2000) is an unpleasant symptom in patients was observed, which because of their osteoporosis , first promising drug prescribed by orthopedists and internists was given one. This is relevant for the drug bisphosphonate , which in several commercially available drugs is. It was observed that in patients taking this medicine, dental surgery after an atrophy ) of the bone tissue in the vicinity of this operation is to determine regression (. Interestingly, this atrophy selectively in the jaw bone. The cause is still unknown. Moreover, this phenomenon was also observed in patients, because of the cancer and occurred bone metastases also this drug for the regeneration of bone were given.

Whether it's a combination of chemotherapy with bisphosphonates is the one that causes this phenomenon is currently unknown. At present dental procedures even harmless species, such as implants or extractions , while use of bisphosphonates as contraindicated . A further complication is that one can not accurately estimate yet how long bisphosphonates need until they after they sell their effect on bone lose. Store is similar to tetracyclines in a bone. Here it can be quite rough estimates by 5 to 10 years to act because of a hydrolyzing phosphatases molecular structure is not because of the. This period will represent a serious limitation and makes the use of bisphosphonates question of principle.


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